Chemical Etching Benefits of Etchers

China PTJ Hardware Shop
3 min readMay 24, 2023

The purpose of any metal, glass, circuit board, or ceramic etching method is to cut off the material from the specified position of the part to obtain the shape required by the designer. As a processing tool for cutting metal, glass, circuit board and machining ceramics, etching machine has the following two most prominent advantages:

(1) It can easily remove the material on the part from some parts of the material or parts that are difficult to process, but to do this by other methods, expensive processing fees must be paid, even difficult to carry out;

(2) Aluminum Etching process The “tool” used for cutting in this method is a liquid, and all the surfaces to be processed are in contact with this liquid. Therefore, during the working process of the etching machine, there is no Mechanical force is applied to the surface to be etched and cut. At the same time, for the final shape to be achieved by the liquid “tool”, the chemical etching is not limited by the radius of the cutting tool, and there is no problem of the accessibility of the cutting tool to the workpiece. From a production point of view, another advantage of liquid tools is that it can simultaneously etch both the upper and lower sides of a sheet. This not only greatly reduces the warping deformation caused by the release of internal stress, but also significantly reduces the man-hours of the entire production process. In addition, under the effective protection of the anti-corrosion layer material, the corrosion machine can cut the material from the specified position very cleverly and accurately, and leave the material thickness specified in the drawing in the required part.

The chemical etching machine can not only process two surfaces of the same part at the same time, but also process many parts at the same time. When the parts that need to be corroded are treated with anti-corrosion treatment, they can be put into the corrosion machine together. Etching process. The number of parts processed each time mainly depends on the size of the etching machine. You only need to provide the parts specifications, daily output,Photo Chemical Etching depth and other requirements, and the machinery factory can customize an economical, affordable and reliable etching machine for you.

Since chemically etched liquid tools have no cutting force, this is very important for the processing of some special parts. For example, an effective application is to use chemical etching to complete the processing of a thin-walled and vulnerable part with complex shapes. Assuming that the part has been machined with all geometric shapes, only one layer is left on the entire surface of the part. For metals with exactly the same amount of processing, the required complex thin-walled parts can be obtained by simply putting the parts into the corrosion machine without going through the process of coating the anti-corrosion layer.

Since there is no cutting force when cutting metal by chemical etching, there is no rigidity requirement for parts like machining. Thus, chemically etched parts can use very thin webs, skins, and other structures to fully meet strength design requirements. For example, for some materials with a thickness of only 2mm or thinner, it is necessary to process some structures such as cavities or grooves. At this time, it is obviously impossible to complete it by mechanical processing, not to mention whether the parts that need to be processed have Radian, the first and most fundamental problem is that the cutting force of the machining cutting tool on the part is often stronger than the strength of the part being processed, which will deform the part during the processing and make it difficult to carry out.

The chemical etching machine is also a common method for reducing the quality of parts. For example, it can be formed with a plate first, and then the unnecessary materials can be removed by chemical etching. It is this ancient method that started the development of our modern industry. It plays an important role because a cutting method such as chemical etching is used. It was first widely used in the modern aerospace industry.