Precision CNC parts processing process!

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2 min readDec 9, 2020


In fact, precision CNC machining refers to NC machining. Firstly, the drawing to be processed is programmed into the program, and then the computer is connected to the CNC machine tool. Then, the CNC machine tool is ordered to operate through programming to complete the precision parts processing. Precision CNC machining is mainly suitable for small batch, large batch of various types of spare parts processing, CNC machining parts precision is very high, so it serves the precision parts processing of different industries!

First of all, before machining CNC parts, it is necessary to see clearly the process flow, clearly know the parts, shapes and sizes of the drawings, and know the processing contents of the next process.
Before clamping the raw materials, the blank size should be measured to see if it meets the requirements of the drawing, and the placement must be carefully checked to see if it is consistent with the programming instructions.
After rough machining, self inspection should be carried out in time to adjust the data with errors.
The self inspection content mainly includes the position and size of the processing parts.

  • (1) Whether there is looseness in the machining process of mechanical parts;
  • (2) Whether the machining process of the parts is correct or not;
  • (3) Whether the dimension from the machining position of CNC parts to the reference edge (reference point) meets the drawing requirements;
  • (4) The position size between CNC machining parts. After checking the position and size, measure the rough machined shape ruler (except arc).

Parts after rough machining confirmation, finish machining. Before finishing, self check the shape and size of the drawing parts: check the basic length and width of the vertical processing parts; measure the base point size marked on the drawing for the processing parts of the inclined plane. After the self inspection of parts is completed, the parts can be removed and sent to the inspector for special inspection after confirming that they meet the drawing and process requirements. In the case of small batch processing of precision CNC parts, batch processing is required after the first part is confirmed to be qualified.



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